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Thinking of a new career?

Start a new career in Eyelash Extensions!

Welcome to the exciting world of eyelash extensions. This is one of the hottest beauty enhancements offered at salons. Clients are requesting this service more and more than other salon and spa services. Having eyelash extensions as an additional service option will increase your revenue greatly and have clients returning to the salon more often (fills every 2-4 weeks). Your clients become like friends and family because this is such a regular and personal service. Many of my clients have become my personal friends.   This might be just the new thing to spark your passion for our industry.

I offer only quality products that I use for my valuable clients.  The products and techniques are the Gold Standard for the lash industry.  The adhesive is formulated, in the USA at an FDA ISO 10993-5 facility; this means it is certified for biocompatibility, making it appropriate for use in medical applications.  It's medical grade! It has a rubber-toughened ethyl cyanoacrylate.  It provides superior shock and thermal resistance and has excellent strength and flexibility. It is a high gloss black color that enhances the look of the lash application.  

Revenue for this service is high and the overhead is very low.  Many eyelash extension professionals have made lashing their full-time career in as little as a couple of months. I went from full-time hair to 90% lashes and 10% hair in less than 6 months.

Class sizes are kept small for more individual instruction.  Classes can be scheduled as individuals or as a group. (Typically one on one).

After completing this course you will be able to:

     * Perform eyelash extensions at an intermediate level. (practice, practice, practice!)

     * Removal of eyelash extensions

     * Know the different types of eye shapes

     * Determine what type of lash length, thickness, and curl type will be most appropriate for your clients.

     * Learn the different types of lashes

     * Learn the different lash types

     * Learn the different lash curls

     * Learn the differences between lash weights

     * Learn all about adhesives

     * How to determine if the client is the right candidate for the services

     * What other services might be best if the client is not a good candidate

     * Other add-on services that complement eyelash extensions

     * Station/work area setup

     * Safety and sanitation

     * Work on live models with assistance (you must provide models)

     * How to conduct an effective consultation

     * How to work with difficult clients

     * Marketing

     * How to get the most out of before and after photos

     * Aftercare instructions and how to get your clients to use aftercare

     * Retailing eyelash extension aftercare products

     * Consent and release forms

Business Builder Kit (Value of $400)

     * Adhesive

     * Adhesive remover

     * Micropore tape

     * Under eye patches

     * Two tweezers, one straight and one curved

     * Mannequin head

     * Practice lashes to be placed on mannequin head

     * Nano mister

     * Mascara wands

     * 3 packs of mixed lengths lashes

     * Manual

     * Small scissors

     * Micro brushes

Classic Eyelash Extension Training: A single individual eyelash extension is bonded to a single isolated natural eyelash. One to one. $1,200 includes kit, two days from 11 am-5 pm.

Volume Eyelash Extension Training: (Must already be certified in Classic Eyelash Extensions.) Multiple eyelash extensions that are created to be lightweight and are bonded to a single isolated natural eyelash. Light enough not to cause damage to the natural lashes. $800 includes kit, one day from 11 am-5 pm.

Need Financing? We offer CareCredit click to apply. (0% interest for 6 months *If paid in full before the end of the promotion)

Tacoma Eyelash Extensions

3021 6th Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98406

(206) 484-4681 (Call or Text)

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